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Previous workshops have been held at…

  • Gippsland Art Gallery
  • Bayside Gallery
  • Queensland Art Teachers Association Conference
  • MUMA Monash University Modern Art
  • Heide Museum of Modern Art
  • Art Gallery of Ballarat
  • Mildura Arts Centre
  • Mackay Art Space

Workshop attendees have said…

I have always wondered if there was a more powerful and thoughtful way to facilitate discussions with kids that visit the gallery. This has blown my mind. So much to think about and so many opportunities to talk about art without talking AT the kids.

The two day workshop really helped me develop an understating of the power of being present and the ability to paraphrase and actively listen. Though we as teachers believe we do this well, it is quite apparent that we all (teachers or not) can improve our interactions and communication with other people to create deeper connections with others (and art).

[I most enjoyed] being given the time and opportunity to practice using the questions. Learning from others.

Gave me great tools with clear outcomes to implement in the classroom. Great to be able to practice and hone skills.

I think VTS is a great tool to make students feel comfortable to express their opinions without prejudice. I would love it to occur at my children’s schools.

Thank you so much Christine and fellow VTS workshop participants! An inspirational and exciting two days.

Discussion was fantastically open and useful.

It was challenging to facilitate in front of others.

I enjoyed having the chance to reflect on artworks and consider student learning.

Thanks Christine. I enjoyed the learning of the strategy, particularly the safe place you create for us to work in.

The exploration of VTS was an eye opening experience that is going to be a focus for my Visual Art & Design Department in 2019 (after this PD I was absolutely sold!). Christine was wonderful, patient and incredibly knowledgable, assisting the participants in embracing a new , and very important way.

I feel it has made me that little bit more insightful in responding to children’s questioning during discussion time, more mindful on the phrasing of open ended questions in general discussion and the use of paraphrasing when children make statements of knowledge.  I am ever so keen to implement VTS sessions into my Kindergarten program on a regular basis and look forward to acquiring more knowledge. 

Thanks so much for this wonderful training session. I ran a VTS session on Monday with a group of year 4 art students, it was a lot of fun and Im looking forward to many more of them. The general theory of VTS was quite enlightening, and has already influenced my teaching style (I’ve been questioning, paraphrasing and pointing a lot more than I normally would).

I’m currently in a state of transitioning to a TAB based classroom (trying tab with two year 7 classes at the moment, hoping to use tab across the school next year) and the VTS strategies seem to align well with the TAB philosophy – both encouraging inquiry based learning and placing emphasis on the student’s ideas. Thanks again!

Short Introductory Workshop participants say…

Excellent formal system for Visual thinking. Should be a two part perhaps to go deeper into the process.

The presenter was very friendly and had a great presentation manner that drew everyone in.  She made the group feel comfortable and was happy and able to answer questions.

This session was fantastic. I really learnt a lot and felt the value in being able to implement this immediately.

A well constructed and thoughtful session with strong relevance to my classroom practice. Supportive group

Christine shared a great strategy for developing student thinking and observation skills. Really great. Will share with my school.

Christine was friendly, answered questions and engaging

The session was great. Very informative and thought provoking.   

Christine is very knowledgeable and modelled the ‘how to’ in a way that made it very accessible for each of us.